The overall development in rural areas in the country even after the passage of 63 years has been negligible. Our rural people who constitute more than 70 percent of the overall population are still deprived of basic amenities. Despite successive govts claims to give priorities in development to rural areas nothing practically was done to bring significant improvement. They are deprived of better education and health facilities in this modern era. The number of the Basic Health Units (BHUs) in rural areas is very low; they are not fully equipped with modern facilities and also set up at the long distances. There is no concept of maternity homes in our rural areas. Meanwhile, the said areas in Sindh and Balochistan are comparatively in dilapidated conditions. Ever increasing inflation and unemployment have ruined the set-up and life in our rural areas resulting in serious threats to the society as they are creating an army of unemployed people due to lack of employment opportunities and better education painting bleak future of the country. I request the federal government in general and Sindh and Balochistan governments in particular to give priority to development to the rural areas and provide all basic amenities to the people on a war-footing basis as without development of the rural areas, the concept of development of whole of the country would remain incomplete. The government should also set up small industries in rural areas besides providing basic amenities to bring a visible positive change. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, January 6.