LAHORE – Levelling allegations of corruption and manhandling of employees, laboratory assistant of a rural health centre and his wife have demanded the Punjab government to take action against Executive District Officer Health Muzaffaragarh Dr Ashiq Hussain.

Addressing a Press conference here at Lahore Press Club on Thursday, lab assistant RHU Rohilan Wali Rana Jamil and his wife LHV Najma Parveen alleged that the Executive District Officer put them to torture, stopped their salaries and got registered bogus cases after their refusal to give affidavit in favour of his corrupt colleague.

They said that the cases proved false after probe but the Executive District Officer was still harassing them.

They further said that a case was also registered against the Executive District Officer for preparing bogus documents but the police was not taking action.

He appealed the Punjab Chief Minister to intervene and ensure action against the Executive District Officer.