While paying glowing tributes to former Pakistani ambassador to the US, Hussain Haqqani, for his services to Pakistan described by them as excellent, US Republican Senators John McCain and Mark Kirk and independent Senator Joe Lieberman said, among other things, “We are increasingly troubled by ambassador Haqqani’s treatment since he returned home to Pakistan, including the travel ban imposed on him. We urge Pakistani authorities to resolve this matter swiftly, consistent with civilian rule of law and to prevent the judicial commission investigating ambassador Haqqani from becoming a political tool of revenge against an honourable man.” Now, for the US Senators or anyone else, to say words of praise and to express concern for Hussain Haqqani in a general sort of way would be perfectly all right but for them to issue specific instructions as to how his case should be handled by, and casting aspersions on, the conduct of Pakistani authorities, definitely amounts to an uncalled for meddling in our internal matters. 

When will these characters learn that they do not own Pakistan and that such uncalled for remarks only serve to increase the anger felt by Pakistanis against America, thus damaging further the already fragile relations between the two countries and are most damaging, coming at a time when their government is expressing its desire to improve relations with Pakistan.  If they are so concerned with rule of law, they better reform their own systems under which they keep people in detention in sub-human conditions for years without following a judicial process and acting as judge, jury and executioner, kill innocent people, without trial,  in indiscriminate drone and other attacks.


Karachi, January6.