About 99 percent guards of private security agencies have been provided with 12 bore Shotguns Repeater to perform security duties wherever they are deployed which is dangerous. But neither private security agencies nor provincial home department have realized the risk involved in providing this weapon to guards. The cartridge used in 12 shotguns contains 25 to 100 small or large slugs depending upon the type of cartridge. This weapon when fired, its slugs start spreading to a width of about 3-4 feet and strike not only the target on which the firer has aimed but also hit any other  thing around the target within a radius of 4-feet. Moreover, .12 bore Shotgun Repeater held by guards has no butt hence it is fired from the hip by taking sense of direction and not from the shoulder by taking aim on the target. In fact it is a gun for shooting at a group of bandits if charging towards their target to attack. Shotgun with butt is also used by police as anti-riot gun to disperse the crowd. In fact basically shotgun is a sports gun for ducks and bird shooting. Because many birds can be shot down by firing only one shot. Guards of private security agencies are generally deployed in banks, shopping centers, schools and other public places with 12 bore Shotgun Repeaters. This is dangerous as life of innocent people is at great risk. Because if these guards fire this gun on a bandit then people around the bandit within a radius of 4-feet will also be injured or killed.

It is suggested that guards of private security agencies be issued with single-bullet weapon like revolver/pistol or rifle which are already held by private security agencies after giving them extensive aiming and firing practice.


Karachi, January6.