JHANG - The District Headquarters Hospital nurses working at night have alleged that their colleagues in the morning have connived with the hospital’s doctors and referring patients to the private clinics or hospitals being run by the physicians.

They protested alleged favouritism regarding duty timing at the hospital and said that according to nursing service rules, they were allowed and had a mandate to work in every department of the hospital to get experience. They demanded that their night duty should be rotated every month. They alleged that some specialist doctors having a good private practice were running their own clinics and hospital in the city and were allegedly managing to refer the patients to their private clinics through the nurses and other subordinate staff that’s why the in-charge radiology department did not allow the NS to change the nursing staff of the department.

Sources in the DHQ hospital, on the condition of anonymity, pointed out that the Punjab government only permitted the teaching hospitals to charge a minor fee of ultrasound and CT scene from patients but same fee was also being charged in this hospital. In the last week, following the protest of nurses of DHQ hospital, the NS rotated the duty rostrum of whole nurses of the hospital and a row between the NS and the doctor was started on the duty issue of the nurses but it was ended because the MS of the hospital had gone with the doctor and he cancelled the night duty only for the nurse of radiology department.

The nursing service structure is quite different from the other health officials and their promotion, duty hours and other service matters routed through the NS at district level and by the DG nursing at provincial level.  Some selective nurses were relieved on full pay under the cover of training purpose.  The NS for the last many months had been trying to rotate the duty of remaining about 58 nurses of the hospital. But due to allegedly political as well as doctors’ interference in the duty matters of young nurses, the NS was forced to favour some selective nurses for day hour’s duty.

The sources further said that the EDO and other senior administrator officers were enjoying the transfer and positing powers of officials of the DHQ hospital including nurses but always favoured the doctors’ community even against the service rules. The attitude of the MS and the EDO was demoralising the nurses of the hospital causing difficulties for the patients. The NS claimed that every nurse fully trained to help the doctors in every department. MS Dr Mumtaz Sial was of the opinion that in-charge of the radiology department better knows that who could work with him in better way. When asked that either complete government fee of ultrasound and CT scene was being deposited in government treasury and matter of shifting of patients to private clinics has been resolved, he said that he has not received any complaint in this regard. 

When contacted, EDO (Health) Dr Khalid Islam said that he was informed by the MS that with reference to share approval policy of teaching hospitals, a summary was forwarded to the DCO and got approved. In the light of the approval of the DCO, 35pc share to doctors and 20pc was being distributed among nurses and other staff working in radiology and pathology departments, he added. The aggrieved nurses appealed to the chief minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif and secretary health, Punjab, Aurangzeb Khan to look into the matter  and order an inquiry through  an out of district competent officer and ensure justice to them.