The SC has constituted a judicial commission on memo-gate issue but it is our misfortune that some lawyers and media persons, prior to the verdict of the commission, have started blaming Army and ISI over the memo-gate issue directly or indirectly. In this regard, their irresponsible approach is not only misguiding the general masses, but also deepening the rift between the security forces and civil government. It is most regrettable that on the one hand, country’s multiple crises show that it is rapidly deteriorating owing to the sinister designs of the external elements like US, India and Israeli that want to weaken Pakistan as the later is the only nuclear country in the Islamic world, while on the other hand, some anchor persons and lawyers are not only manipulating the memo-gate issue, but are also targeting the armed forces and Pakistan’s intelligence agency, ISI.

As regards our media, particularly most of the TV channels conduct controversial debates between politicians and commentators, contesting internal politics. They always need an issue for manipulation without bothering for the integrity of the country. Now-a-days, memo-gate case has provided them with golden opportunity to implicate the security agencies of Pakistan. Like the foreign enemies, by ignoring the sacrifices of Pakistan’s security forces and its superior secret agency, ISI, our media anchors and most of politicians or political experts pay no attention to national solidarity and cohesion among various civil and military institutions of the country. Their hostile remarks could further create division between the key institutions of Pakistan which is already facing subversive acts such as ethnic crisis and sectarian violence at various regions—especially Karachi and Balochistan, organized by CIA, RAW and Mossad. While country’s armed forces are coping with the militants in some tribal areas, and ISI is engaged in thwarting the anti-Pakistan conspiracies besides foiling a number of subversive attempts in the country. 

While serving under the civil government, Pak Army and IS are already protecting the security and national interests of Pakistan. So, it is suggested that our rulers, political parties and media must insist upon strong unity among the security forces and political leaders instead of misguiding the general masses. Otherwise, their negative statements and comments are likely to support the enemies of Pakistan, who are engaged in nefarious designs to strengthen the hands of anti-Pakistan forces through baseless and unfounded allegations against the security agencies.


Islamabad, January 4.