Tahir Munir Tahir

DUBAI – Former president Gen ® Pervez Musharraf has finally decided to return to Pakistan and will land in Islamabad on January 29.

An advertisement has been published in a newspaper in Dubai inviting people to accompany Musharraf to Pakistan. The former president will leave Dubai for Islamabad through a commercial flight on January 29.

INP adds: Earlier, talking to a private TV channel, he said that all cases against him were registered on political basis. He will be acquitted after two or three court hearings.

He said that he was not held accused by the court under any Article of the Constitution but the court issued arrest warrants against him due to his failure to appear before the court in Benazir Bhutto and Akbar Bugti murder cases.

Musharraf said he would face all cases registered against him in the country and according to the law, he hoped that he would be acquitted after two or three court hearings. He said that putting his life on risk he would land in Pakistan on January 25th or 27th, adding, that he would resolve all crisis faced by the country and the people.  He said he would again pave way of development of the country.   

Musharraf claimed that about 500 to 600 people from all over the world would accompany him on his return, adding, that he is ready to face the courts.

He said that he had always played with dangers in his life and he had practically played with death in the battleground during his army services and he had never afraid of death.

‘I would return to Pakistan because people of the country need me in these critical times’, he added. He said that he wanted to return to Pakistan one and half years ago but at that time his party was not formed and he wanted to resolve the crisis facing the country under one platform, therefore, he delayed his return to the country.

The former military ruler said that masses were supporting and waiting for him in Pakistan while a handful people were not supporting him, adding, that power of people was with him and after returning to the country he would gather masses for resolving all issues of the people.