Former President General (rtd.) Pervez Musharraf supported Pakistan to review relationship with Israel, saying this will benefit Pakistan.

Musharraf, talking to an Israel-based newspaper in an interview, noted, “Israel is a fait accompli and a lot of the Muslim world have understood that and I know many Muslim countries have relations with Israel, whether above board or covertly. So this is the change in reality I am talking about.”

He furthermore stressed his country is an ideological state like Israel, adding, ‘That is the foundation of our creation. We are an Islamic republic.’

"Which goes toward explaining why Pakistani Muslims are much more sensitive about Islam than most other Muslim countries. We are extremely sensitive about desecration of the Koran. So we are wholly sensitive to the Palestinian plight and any new initiative regarding Israel has to be proposed very delicately."

When asked about his offer to mediate solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Musharraf contended that it was at the root many of today’s bigger problems.

The former Pakistani president remarked, “Look at terrorism and extremism, 9/11, Al-Qaida, Hezbollah, Hamas – all these are products of the unsettled Palestinian dispute. Because of the misery these Palestinians are suffering, which is seen all over the world on TV, there is a reaction.”

He furthermore asserted that the US’s pro-Israel policies propelled on-the-defensive Muslims to the guerrilla warfare.