RAWALPINDI - Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has said that nobody will dare to take extra judicial step in the country and there will be rule of law only, reported a private TV channel.

Speaking at a ceremony on Friday, the Chief Justice said that those who were speculating about such extra judicial steps have narrow thinking and they do so for their own interests. “We will not let any opportunist to take over and no judge will take oath against Constitution,” he added.

He said that the judges had decided that no one will cross the lines of law and Constitution. He said the Supreme Court of Pakistan in its July verdict declared Nov 3 emergency null and void. Justice Chaudhry said that lawyers rendered great sacrifices for the independence of the judiciary. “We have proved by our actions as to how there will be supremacy of law,” he added.

“I call Nov 3 emergency not an emergency instead I describe it a martial law,” the chief justice said. He said judges pledged that no one will take oath against the Constitution. The CJ said that people’s trust had increased in the judiciary after its independence. He made it clear that court verdicts will have to be implemented. He said they announced first judicial policy in 2009. He urged lawyers’ fraternity to pay heed to criminal cases as there was norm of false cases in the country. He said decisions would be taken as per law and Constitution no matter who liked or disliked them.

He said that there was no standard of police investigation in the country but there was no need to be disappointed.  The CJ said National Judicial Conference will be held in Islamabad in April this year.