SADIQABAD - The leaders of the PML-N and PTI in Rahim Yar Khan kept beating their drums for proving their respective leadership more patriotic and popular than the other among the people. The PTI (Women Wing) district president said that the federal and provincial govts gave nothing to the masses save dearness, unemployment, loashedding of electricity, gas and CNG during the last four years.

“The public is compelled to commit suicide,” PTI Women Wing District President Nighat Mehmood Gujjar said. “The PTI has turned up to eliminate people’s deprivations. The federal government and its friendly opposition parties are in shock after the PTI’’s popularity.”

She said that the PML-N and PPP were taking turns to come in power and had left the people high and dry. But now, she added, the people had chosen Imran Khan as their saviour. She said that the ruling and opposition were making efforts to create hurdles in her parties ways by hook or by crooks but he the Pakistanis would thwart their what she said conspiracies.

Separately, the PML-N district president said that looters and opportunists could not bring a positive change while the nation needs a patriotic and strong leader who is what he claimed his party chief Nawaz Sharif.

“I informed Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif and informed him about my constituency’s problems and organisational issues and the meeting was successful,” Makhdoom Usman Akbar Mehmood told his political secretary Rana Abdul Shakoor in Rahim Yar Khan in a telephonic conversation from Lahore.

The PML-N would get a landslide victory in the upcoming general elections in the district, Makhdoom maintained. He directed the party activists to get prepared for the elections and expedite mass contact campaign.  He said that the CM had assumed him of provision of more funds for completion of the ongoing development projects in his constituency. He also said that further uplift schemes at a grassroots level would be launched so that the people might provided with basic facilities.

Photojournalists’ body felicitated: The photojournalists’ contribution to the media cannot be denied as they sensitise people about the truth regardless of weather or security related troubles.

These views were expressed by Rotary Club Polio Committee Chairman Mirza Bilal Baig Advocate and Jamaat Ahle Sunnat tehsil nazim Ziaur Rehman Awaisi on separate occasion.

Mirza was addressing a party given in the honour of newly-elected body of the Photojournalists Association Rahim Yar Khan. The function was attended by Association President Muhammad Azam Hussain, General Secretary Nazar Muhammad, Finance Secretary Shabbir Ahmad, former office-bearers Hussain Ahmad, Siddiq Baloch Sardar Ahmad Shahbaz Ali, Mian Khalid Jameel, Ateeq Ahmad and Sadiq Zia.

Later at a luncheon party in the honour of the newly elected officeholders, Ziaur Rehman said that the Association was an active platform which was capable for saving the photojournalists’ interests and working for their welfare.