As reported by, Pakistan Army has revised its doctrine and for the very first time, focus of Army has been shifted on to local militant groups like TTP. “Green Book”, that contains this doctrine, has been amended in the name of national security. However, this book doesn’t say a word about the presence of American agencies on our soil and it seems that the top brass leadership of Pakistan Army has decided to submit completely to US. American physical intervention in Pakistan is not something concealed, thanks to Raymond Davis issue and OBL episode. It is very clear and evident that US is physically invading our country.

On the other hand, US is also using ‘Tattooed Taliban’ aka TTP to destabilize the country. If armed forces are literally serious in controlling the law and order situation in Pakistan, the first and the foremost step should be to ejection the US from the region. It’s no wonder that nobody ever heard about suicide bombers inside Pakistan before US intervention in the region. Recent change in the “Green Book” also clarifies the reasons behind extension of General Kayani’s term which was done, obviously, as per orders of the US. It seems that Kayani is returning the favors now, with interest, as he is trying his level best to make Pakistan Army a stakeholder in American war of terror.


KSA, January 5.