The addresses made by Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and Prime Minister Raja Ashraf, on Saturday are in unequivocal support of the democratic process. Justice Chaudhry was categorical in exhorting the public not to support any political party that was creating turmoil. Prime Minister Ashraf made it loud and clear that there was no other system better than democracy.

Both these addresses show the right direction to the people at large sometimes confused by rumours propagated by certain sections creating uncertainty about the elections. Now after the passage of five years, the country has come around to experiencing a democratic transition which should occur just as the constitution stipulates. The transition should be made through the elections where the people must be allowed to choose the leadership of its choice and punish others by voting them out of power. We have experienced with various forms of governance in the past but our salvation lies only in democracy, which improves with the passage of time like it has done in so many other countries. The government as well as the Election Commission, however, have the duty to silence the critics, meanwhile by implementing the electoral reforms to the satisfaction of the opposition and the general public. Once the countrymen know that the elections would offer them an opportunity to decide their future, the forces of turmoil will die down.