LAHORE - A record participation of 105,000 players was witnessed in various competitions on the second day of the Punjab Youth Festival 2014 second phase at union council level throughout the province on Monday.
In nine towns of Lahore, a great number of participants took part in various events and among them 48,000 were declared winners. MPA Mian Marghoob Ahmad was chief guest in Samanabad Town where he inaugurated the union council level events. He also participated in arm-wrestling competition. Talking to media, he said: “The way Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Mian Hamza Shahbaz and Rana Mashhood are organising the PYF is really commendable which has been providing the youth healthy activities to excel at national and international level.”
In 29 UCs of Samanabad, 374 players took part in various activities and 165 earned honours. Asfand beat Naveed in badminton event while Haris Butt and Rameez took first and second positions respectively in weightlifting events. In seven UCs of Gulberg Town, 231 players participated and 65 among them were victorious. Waqar Ali and Asadur Rehman won athletics event while Nafees XI and Habib XI won the cricket tape ball event. In two UCs of Iqbal Town, 28 were winners out of 112 participants. Mateen XI took the first position beat Zohaib XI. In 17 UC of Nishter Town, 147 among 300 participants were victorious. Ayub Mughal won the 200 metre race while Ijaz XI and Naeem XI won in cricket tape ball events.
In 24 UCs of Ravi Town, 382 among 2399 were winners in different events. In cricket tape ball match, Fiaz XI beat Mudassar XI while in football match, Umar XI edged out Fayyaz XI. In 29 UCs of Data Gunj Bakhsh Town, 644 players took part in various events and 206 were adjudged winners. Haider Ali took first and Usman got second in arm-wrestling events while Anjum XI clinched cricket event. In 20 UCs of Shalimar Town, 107 players out 314 returned home joyous. Mudassar Ali took first and Ahmad Ali earned second position in weightlifting competitions. Hanif XI won cricket event while Nafees XI beat Ramiz XI in tug of war event.
In 10 UCs of Aziz Bhatti Town, 60 out of 294 players were title winners. Waqas edged out Fayyaz Ali in badminton event while Majid Khan XI beat Habib XI in cricket event. In 15 UCs of Wahga Town, 63 players were winners among 326. Akmal Khan won the arm-wrestling title and Gulzar Ali got second position while Tabish Ali clinched bodybuilding title and Amjad was second. In weightlifting, Malik Haris took first and Younus earned second position.
In other districts of Punjab, PYF events continued to engage impressive participation by the masses. In 133 UCs of Toba Tek Singh, 3781 players participated in different events and among them, 2224 were declared winners. In 56 UCs of District Jhang, out of 2952 players, 448 were victorious. In 4956 UCs of Muzafargarh, Kot Addu and Rajanpur Districts of DG Khan Division, 10,916 took part in various events and 2098 were winners. In 48 UCs of Sargodha Division, among 555 players, 32 were victorious. In 57 UCs of Vehari District, 482 players were seen in action and 171 won different events. In 96 UCs of District Gujrat, out of 2672 participants, 772 returned home joyous. In 70 UCs of District Mandi Bahauddin, among 2136, 443 were title winners. In 614 UCs of District Sialkot, 7087 took part in various events and among them 3481 earned honors. In 126 UCs of Multan Davison, 910 were winners out of 1996. In 21 UCs of District Jhelum, out of 484 participants, 193 were successful. In 68 UCs of District Attock, 440 players actively appeared in different competitions and 89 were successful among them.