Don’t know why people come up with confused theories while writing in newspapers. Hazara are certainly the descendants of the soldiers of the Mongol army, who chose to live in these areas. Hazara signifies the branch of army which comprised of a thousand of soldiers. Though once warriors, they chose the peaceful way and opted for other jobs than being soldiers. Till now, they are one of the least violent tribes of Afghanistan and Pakistan and a very educated bunch. They are Shiites yet they are not into sectarian issues.

Taliban massacred them during their reign in Afghanistan and this also showed that they were not an Islamic but a sectarian and an ethnic government, who killed Hazara because they were Shiites and non-Pushtuns. LeJ is involved in these activities upon instructions from Indian masters, yet Iran could also be playing its part in order to raise another issue in Baluchistan as it too wants a piece of it. The Hazara are loyal to Pakistan. ‘Peace’ is hallmark of this community. They are rich addition to cultural diversity. The Hazara community needs our moral support.


Rawalpindi, December 23.