Six members of a family were injured seriously during a big explosion took place due to gas leakage in their house located in Doburji Arariyaan locality near Gulshan Iqbal Park here on Wednesday.

As Rifat Shaheen, wife of Ehtesham Ahmed, lit a match, a big explosion occurred. Some outer walls of this house collapsed while the windowpanes of the several neighbouring houses were also shuttered.

Six persons including Riffat and her four daughters Samia Usman, Sumera Imran, Farheen Bilal, Sehar Bilawal and son Bilawal Sadique were injured seriously. Rescuers shifted the injured to Govt Allama Iqbal Memorial DHQ Teaching Hospital Sialkot, where the condition of Riffat and Bilawal was stated to be critical. Bilawal wedded just three days ago.

HEALTHCARE: The Health Department provided health facilities for 3,360,739 male and female outdoor and 273,581 indoor patients in all the government hospitals, rural health centres (RHCs) and basic health units (BHUs) in Sialkot district during 2015, said EDO (Health) Javaid Warraich.

The EDO added that doctors and paramedics dealt with 141,291 emergencies including 41,314 accidents, 19,598 normal deliveries, handled 112,165 FP cases, 130,726 ANC-1 cases, conducted 2,776 caesarian, 39,594 different operations, 80,706 x-rays, 63,890 ultrasounds. 31,865 ECG and 296,497 lab tests during the year.