KARACHI: Though the authorities concerned in the provinces and in center have been brushing aside the fears about the presence of world’s deadliest terrorist group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – or ISIS or as locally known as ‘Da’esh, which is the Arabic of ISIS and it stands for ‘Daulat-e Islamia Iraq Wa Shaam is in limelight in national media of Pakistan and the law enforcers have been chasing them vigorously and subsequent to their untiring efforts, a mentionable strength of local Da’esh militants have been booked.

On the other hand, the suspects so far nabbed have made horrific revelations to their arresting law agencies respectively.

The LEAs have obtained crucial information from the arrested Da’esh suspects about male and female wings of Da’esh that are enthusiastically brainwashing the educated youth, collection of money to fund the Da’esh on behalf of certain religious seminaries and transporting the new Da’esh inductees through land routes from neighboring countries, Iran and Afghanistan.

It is pertinent to mention that all the reports that pertained to activities and operations of the Da’esh and all the suspects, so far nabbed are at least graduate from prestigious universities and they do not consider a recruit with lesser academic qualification.

The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) of the Sindh police have during an interview of an arrested Da’esh suspect Abdul Aziz recorded horrific revelations.

According to Aziz, the Da’esh affiliates in Karachi are grossly active in gathering funds for the Da’esh by using titles of famous religious seminaries. This tactic of using the title of seminaries is for dodging the LEAs.

The alarming situation that arises from the activities of the Da’esh in Karachi contains information that Aziz disclosed to the LEAs that primarily the new recruits are immediately transported to Syria through land routes of Iran and Afghanistan. This piece of information clearly indicates that so far the Da’esh has no plans for Pakistan and is only focusing on Syria.

However, the exit of the new recruits through land routes of Iran and Afghanistan also indicates that the new recruits are first brainwashed in Karachi and then taken to Quetta from where they make their way to Syria. The overall situation is also exposing the weaknesses of the LEAs and other agencies that are primarily assigned to curb the suspected immigration or more plainly the human trafficking.

Aziz also revealed that Nasir Ustad is the caretaker of the new recruits in Karachi while in Quetta, Haji Khalil is responsible for keeping the new recruits safe. Each group comprises 20 recruits. Haji Khalil now uses a different code name of Haji Haider.

Aziz also disclosed that the Facebook, a vibrant medium of online contact is a primary tool for embracing new recruits.