More than 1,000 daily visitors of the Nadra Office of Dera Ghazi Khan have to face multiple hardships due to mismanagement and corruption being carried through connivance of the official and illegal agents.

Moreover, the visitors are suffering very badly since long because Nadra administration has failed to restart its Executive Centre in DG Khan City.

The Nation learnt that the little place was crowded amidst lack of arrangements to cater to the needs of people. More than 1,000 applicants of CNIC were being handled like herd of cattle. People including women were sitting on cool, dirty and dusty land. Garbage, dirty water and used polythene bags and shopper were spread around. There was no proper sitting arrangements for the people even for women who were waiting for their turn in the office.

The people are forced to unclean and sour water because potable water was not available there. They had to face a great deal of inconvenience due to rush and delay in issuance of CNIC token.

Ghulam Khan, a resident of tribal area, said that he along with his father was standing in queue before the rise of dawn to meet their turn for receiving CNIC token. It was their third day for CNIC process because Nadra officials were objecting unnecessarily on every trip, he said.

He added that usually applicants coming from far away gathered at the office in queue to receive ID cards token while office timing is 8:30 am. He requested the authorities to extend timings of Nadra centres till 9 pm to facilitate the masses.

He said that there were many private agents/touts who bargained for ID card token on the rate of Rs1,000 to 1,500 per token. Agents are active under the patronage of Nadra personnel.

Younis, another applicant, said that poor arrangements of Nadra had created undue problems for people. Two token counters each one for men and women were insufficient for long queue of applicants. He demanded that Nadra should arrange the mobile registration vans to meet the demand.

Younis criticised that Executive Centre has been closed for citizens who were paying extra fee as revenue to government treasury. He complained that misbehaviour and unethical words for even women by Nadra staff especially data-entry operators was not tolerable.

Residents Ali, Khalil, Khalil, Ramzan and many others expressed their concerns that recently tragic suicide bombing at Mardan Nadra office on December 28, 2015 in which 30 people were killed and over 70 injured, had caused fear for them because security arrangements were poor also at the DG Khan centre.

They demanded of the authorities to make foolproof arrangements to provide security for the applicants along with populated residential areas of Model Town, Ghazi Colony and Allahabad Colony. They said that Nadra officials would be responsible if any untoward incident happened in the area like Mardan incident. “This is a serious issue pertaining to us and our children,” they added.

When asked, Regional Director Operation at Multan Imran Ali Khan said, “The number of centres is not an issue, however recently due to Kisan Package, public pressure has increased and registration load on Nadra centres has tripled.”

He said that service would improve after Kisan Package process. He also said that three Nadra Mobile Registration Vans out of total eight for district DG Khan would provide services at DG Khan City.