Indian Foreign Office Spokesperson Vikas Swarup has stated that they have given ‘all practical proofs’ to Pakistan and now are waiting for reply, Waqt News reported. “We have extended the hand of friendship towards Pakistan but cross-border terrorism is not tolerable,” he added.

While addressing media he further stated that now the ball is in Pakistan’s court and now it is up to them how they respond.

“As far as we are concerned the ball is now in Pakistan’s court. The immediate issue in front of us is Pakistan’s response to the terrorist attack and the actionable intelligence provided to it, Indian Foreign Secretary Vikas Swarup told media in a briefing,” he said.

"Government's stand is very clear. It wants healthy relation with all its neighbours including Pakistan. However, the Pathankot attack has once again put renewed focus on challenge of cross-border terrorism," said Swarup.

Uncertainty prevails on talks scheduled for January 15 in Islamabad between Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar and his Pakistani counterpart Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry following the terror strike on the Pathakot air base.

At a media briefing Swarup faced a barrage of questions on FS-level talks but he remained non-committal on whether the talks will proceed as scheduled or will be put off. “Today is January 7 and there are 8 days to go before January 15,” he remarked.

Swarup said if Pakistan acts on assurances it gave then situation will definitely improve in the positive direction. He said India’s policy on Pakistan is clear, adding that all issues were discussed in the Bangkok meeting.

Without setting any deadline for Pakistan to take any action, Swarup claimed, “The terrorist attack on Pathankot airbase has once again put renewed focus on the challenges posed by the cross border terrorism.

Referring to the recent telephonic conversation between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif, he said, “During that conversation our Prime Minister very strongly urged the Prime Minister of Pakistan to take action.

Asked if there was any time-frame within which Pakistan should take action, he said, “We are not imposing any deadline. At the same time prompt means prompt and we will go by the common sense interpretation of that word,” and rejected a contention that India’s demand would derail the talks.

Indo-Pak relations are again on a tight rope following this week’s Pathankot attack . Although Indian government has not pointed any fingers at Pakistan, but Indian media has been constantly targeting Pakistan.