Human beings are superior creatures on earth and they possess extremely good knowledge and ability to think in an appropriate way. These abilities make them superior to other creatures. Human being is masterpiece of the creation of Great Creator. But sometimes we see some complications with the growth of human beings. As a child is born, he seems a normal one but some sort of ignorance bring about some acute complication in his growth and affect his whole life. Polio myelitis is one of all such complications which have no cure in fact. The only cure is prevention and being careful about child’s polio vaccination. In this connection, the superb steps have been taken by government of the Punjab.

Punjab Government has paid high attention towards polio vaccination scheme. A special team has been formed to work for prevention of polio which spreads through human phases infected by polio-virus. This team comprises of most alert and attentive members to encourage people for having their children vaccinated properly. The members of this team do visit door to door and tell people about the harms of polio. This team attentively checks and assumes that every child is being vaccinated. Polio vaccination in the form of injectable vaccine and drops are a healthy way to make our society completely free from polio myelitis.

In this regard Punjab Government is playing a perfect and pure part. The aim of Punjab Government is to establish a polio free Punjab. I request other provinces to be as alert as Punjab government for the eradication of polio so that we may establish a polio-free Pakistan.


Lahore, December 5.