ISLAMABAD: PTI central leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi has called upon government to immediately convene meeting of National Assembly (NA) standing committee, on foreign affairs and foreign ministry should give detailed briefing on Iran- Saudi Arabia conflict therein.

He said that what statement has been given by advisor to Prime Minister on foreign affairs was a news paper clipping, and it does not reflect government policy

Talking to journalists outside the parliament house he said standoff between Iran and Saudi Arabia has no more remained a bilateral issue and it has turned into a regional issue and Pakistan is likely to be affected by it directly.

He underlined that no clear stance of government has come to open with reference to Iran-Saudi Arabia conflict.

“I give a proposal to government. If it is not prepared to give briefing to parliament for any reason then in camera meeting of NA standing committee on foreign affairs be held and foreign ministry should give detailed briefing to it,” he held.

Responding to a question he said that opposition in parliament has also asked government to give briefing on Iran-Saudi Arabia issue. “We want there should be no point scoring on this serious issue. Peace and security of this region is dear to us,” he added.

“ I on behalf of NA standing committee on foreign affairs invite foreign minister of Saudi Arabia who is currently on visit of Pakistan to present his view point before committee. PTI has decided that it will hold separate meetings with ambassadors of Iran and Saudi Arabia and try to know about their stances so that we could evolve our strategy”, he underscored.