Selfie-ism has gained popularity on the social websites for recent years. People are obsessed with taking recurrent selfies. Such craze has sidelined the social morality. Unfortunately, the people take selfies irrespective of the circumstances; from funeral ceremonies to the graveyards such practice is widely seen. As a Consequence, selfieism has caused a mental chaos (selfietis) among the masses.

A recent psychiatric study has concluded that selfietis consist of three stages which are classified on the basis of severity viz.

Borderline selfietis, acute selfietis and chronic selfietis.

Borderline selfietis is the benign stage in which the person takes at least three selfies round a clock without posting them on the website. The second stage is acute selfietis which makes sufferer take three selfies from sunup to sundown and share them on the social web. The third and last stage is the chronic selfietis, in which the person takes at least 6 selfies and popularise them on the Internet. Thus, the people, especially youngsters, should remain aloof from taking excessive selfies. This would keep them away from emerging mental traumas and psychological morbidities.


Hyderabad, December 5.