Much has been written on state of governance, level of poverty, backwardness, unemployment and mal administration prevalent currently in the province of Sindh. Many other injustices done with the Sindh and its old history are gone un-noticed even by Sindhi intelligentsia and media. The one very significant injustice being done with the people of Sindh now a days as matter of fashion by media is calling the province frequently as “ urban Sindh” and “ rural Sindh” and XYZ is the party of rural Sindh etc etc.

The province of Sindh appears as normal as other provinces on the map of the country as its landscape consists of both cities and town with vast agriculture land. The province have few major cities like Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Khairpur, Larkana, Nawabshan, Mirpurkhan etc with hundred of moderately developed cities and towns. But it is mind boggling that what criterion is used to divide the province as urban Sindh and rural Sindh whereas not such terminology is used for any other province of the country though their landscapes have the similar type of cities and towns with large agriculture land? If it is used for ethnic basis then again the same is not correct as Sindhi and urdu speaking people live in all cities and towns with the formers in relatively minority in Karachi but now they are not less than few million in numbers even in this mega city as compared to couple of decades ago. Hence this strange terminology only used for the province of Sindh by a large segment of media is hurting majority of people of Sindh rather bleeding them and this should now be stopped as the Sindh is one province from Karachi to Kashmore as are the other provinces!


Karachi, December 5.