Living in a busy world needs a passion to find out time for reading when one is entangled in today’s technologically equipped world. Still few books make up our memories.

The book “Hasile-e-Muhabbat” is written by Capt (r) Liaqat Ali Malik, a police officer by profession. This book may take you back into the time and down the memory lane as it has many autobiographical elements.

It needs a creative dexterity to spill over feelings on paper with such vitality. But the writer seemed to have firm grip of narrating feelings, and he penned down initial 3-4 chapter with great eloquence.

The very first chapter and even the first line capture our attention and there is an eagerness to grab the whole book as soon as possible.

Many writers attempted to write on subject of love, but only a few did justice. Mr Malik has well painted the essence of love on the canvass of hearts of his readers and love seem too blossomed on the pages when the ink spilled by Mr Malik.

We see the element of mysticism as well and how transformation takes place. Many writers earlier too have attempted to write on this topic, but the true composure of feeling is penned by the one who came to crossroads of cult of mysticism or any experience which takes them to such glaring heights.

Social issues have also been highlighted in vibrant manner, as we are moved to tears where the description of loved ones is portrayed. How our youngsters are compelled to behave with their elderly parents, the societal pressure stems from their own personality, materialism is penetrated deep into minds seems building a ‘world of darkness’ from where there is no coming back.

In the book, ‘I am feared’ is the chapter where people can’t speak up without hesitation due to one’s high rank or designation, when friends and family members tend to shy while sharing feelings.

Despite the fact it is first ever book written by the author, it’s worth reading. Whosoever loves someone with pure heart and soul can come up such pure and sacred thoughts, but not everybody can write well.

Mr Malik watered the roots of feelings, making emotions more vibrant on canvass of life, and all words putting up together comes up with blossomed work.

A great book to read, because true loves comes to those who can sustain the trauma of losing love and to spend that life without that person is hell on heart in true, still one has to live for his family and peers.