The agricultural sector is the dominant sector and the crucial part of the economy of Pakistan. Agriculture makes for almost 24 percent of the economy and contributes more than 65 percent to export earnings. The cornerstone of the agriculture sector is the provision of food and capital, the shift of manpower, a source of foreign exchange earnings and advancement in the growth of a nation. Around 70 percent of the people of Pakistan live in rural areas and almost 45 percent of the labour is involved in the agriculture sector, but the outcomes from the sector are not quite alright in comparison to others. 

In order to further increase the growth and development of the economy, the government should bring out measures to increase efficiency. The introduction of modern methods and technological approach for production, the provision of land to farmers and, most importantly, it must make moves to rule out feudalism. Effective and viable means for the agriculture sector will definitely boost up the development of the weak economy of Pakistan. 


Karachi, November 14.