LAHORE-Mirza Kabir is an artist who has been working in the field of sculpture making in Jhelum for the last 13 years. He displayed a prodigious talent for drawing and sculptures at a very young age. He works on small projects according to the customers demand. In an exclusive interview with The Nation he talks about his career and success. Following are the excerpts of the interview:

What inspired you to become a sculpture artist?

Since my childhood I have been interested in creative expression in one form or another. Therefore, my work is more than a decorative item for the discriminating aesthete, it is a portal to other cultures and artistic sensibilities, a bridge between the past and present engagement. In Pakistan the work of sculpture has totally vanished from mainstream media and at government level there is no support and no one prefers to do exhibition of this art.

What motivates you as an artist?

I find that I can be inspired and get motivated by almost anything from museum, art gallery shows, architecture, cool shapes, nature and other artists. The key to success is to look at all things, even the most common or uninteresting, as a potential source of motivation.

How long does it typically take to create a sculpture?

Naturally the time varies widely depending on the complexity, size and nature of the design. First you have to make a sculpture sketch, carve the basic form, carve in detail; sand down your sculpture. After that it comes in shape. It a long process as some sculptures are designed in seven hours and some take about a month. It all varies which sculpture design are you designing.

You’ve created some monumental and horse sculptures. How does your approach change for such different styles?

Every artist has its own movement. I am working on the horse sculptures. It is great to stretch my capacity; I am having a wonderful time exploring the characteristics of different styles whilst at the same time considering the abstract element of form and space held in the interior of figurative sculptures.

Did you learn this art from an institution?

I have learned from nowhere. It is an inborn talent. However, I am inspired with few artists like Pablo Picasso and Michelangelo.

What is your chosen medium and what techniques do you follow to indulge in new ideas with your work?

As an artist, however my work is centered on a research of finding different scriptures techniques and with the passage of time I have developed various techniques through trial and error. Some techniques I have invented on my own but at core I follow the ancient techniques. The technique varies from place to place but the concept of this art always remains the same.

Would you like to share about your upcoming projects?

I’m designing the sculptures of our national heroes who have served our country and their work is a lesson for us to learn.