The management and construction of the Nandipur power project has become a very costly joke for Pakistan. Envisioned by Ex-President Pervaiz Musharraf, the project was launched by previous PPP coalition government, who were severely criticized by the current PML-N government for letting the expensive machinery sit, exposed to elements for many years, rusting at the sea port. The project was re-initiated on a fast track basis by the current Nawaz Sharif government, but somewhere the management decided to change the project’s supply fuel from diesel to furnace oil, without installing the important Sulphur processing plant. This action not only damaged the machinery but also delayed the project for years. 

The project is once again ready for power production after the installation and upgradation of the Sulphur processing plant. The Ministry of Water and Power has planned to convert the fuel from furnace oil to RLNG, for which the Sui Northern is in the process of installing an expensive pipeline, while tenders for converting the machinery have already been floated. And to add insult to the injury, the Ministry is currently pressurising NEPRA to increase the project cost and electricity production rate, even after their application has been rightly refused by NEPRA three times. The Ministry should instead explain why they are converting the short term project into RLNG at extra cost to the country and they should also explain why the project fuel was changed from diesel into furnace oil, as it seems a deliberate mistake to increase project cost. 


Peshawar, November 14.