Since my childhood, I am listening to the word liberalism. But what liberalism basically is? Is being vulgar really liberal? Well, my answer is no.

Knowing your basic rights and demanding for them in our society is considered as liberalism, but this is not liberalism, in reality, it is individualism. Everyone has fundamental rights given by law and religion when they are born, and to demolish them is considered as liberalism in our society. Liberalism is not something to be ashamed of.

Let me define liberalism according to our society: When you stop backbiting, criticism and start concentrating on your own life and its issues then you are considered liberal. Helping someone to get its rights is considered liberalism. Standing against cruelty and misuse of rights is considered liberalism. And specially when questioning about equality in society, to suppress this idea that person is labeled as liberal.

But let me clear something that liberty is not vulgarity, it only depends upon your own thinking and intentions. Everyone has the freedom to speak and demand its basic rights. So, stop being conservative and start concentrating on rights of society, and join hands with me to make this society better.


Lahore, December 27.