LAHORE - The best nursing graduate called for stepped efforts to bring in reforms so that the “Internationally nursing is not all about to administer drugs but nurses are working as physicians, researchers, rehabilitators and much more,” said Hassan Mukhtar a gold medalist of Shalamar Nursing College for the Year 2013-17.

Besides winning Best Oral Research Presenter Award in 2013, Hassan won a silver medal and another nine distinctions in different subjects throughout the session.

He said: “The role of a nurse had changed in the world but we are lagging behind. My plan is to complete PhD and want to be an administrator who can be a change agent in the field.”

He continued: “I am enrolled in my MPhil in Public health because nursing needs a number of good researchers so that we can magnify the importance and necessity of this profession and most of all the evidence based practice that really matters in any profession.

“On belahlf of my profession I would like to say that please let the nursing a profession not a gender, cause most of the time people thought that nurses are only females. And that is a very nonsense concept, government is not actually looking after the nursing as it should be done. As there is no nursing university in Pakistan and the most special thing is that Punjab government is the only government in Pakistan who is in not inducting males into nursing. I don’t know what is the concept behind. If we look at doctors, lawyers, business management and even any profession.”

“Even eunuchs are eligible but for nursing there must be female. My question is ‘Why’ Government should take steps to encourage nurses to come up with research. And provide them with scholarships for further studies so they can learns from other countries and these advance courses like doctor of nursing practitioner  and psychiatric mental health consultant nurse” and the other option can be opted and the image of nursing can be changed.”

He added:  “If I talk about my M Phil, I would like to say that it is all about the Prevention of diseases and awareness and education and health promotion.

As a public health professional we work on how a disease spread what are its risk factors and who are the people who effected most. All this information tells us that how we can break the chain and control over the disease. If we work on prevention more the cure then a lot of cost can be saved because disease will not occur and society will be healthy”. As the other developing and developed countries are doing and did so.”