TOBA TEK SINGH-International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) President Prof Dr Ahmad Yousuf Al-Draiweesh on Sunday emphasised that Islam is totally against extremism and violence in all its forms and abhors all such social evils to create peace in society.

IIUI Prof Dr Ahmad Yousuf Al-Draiweesh, also Tamgha-i-Imtiaz, was addressing Paigham-e-Pakistan conference here on Sunday. The conference was organised by the Toba District Administration.

The IIUI president, the author of 73 books on peace, interfaith harmony, highlighted the concepts and practices of fraternity, affection and brotherhood by quoting examples from the holy Quran and Sunnah.

He emphasized the exemplary protection conferred on the minorities in a Muslim state of Madina during the enlightened period of Holy Prophet (SAWW) and later the caliphates.

He said that Islam binds its followers to struggle for prosperity of the humanity and ensure protection of each's other life, honour and property.

In his welcome speech delivered in Arabic, Toba Deputy Commissioner Ahmad Khawar Shahzad said that it is a great honour for his district that an International Islamic scholar has come here on the special invitation to speak on Islam's message of peace and brotherhood. The DC termed Prof Dr Al-Draiweesh as a great ambassador of goodwill between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Director General Islamic Research Institute of International Islamic University, Prof Dr Muhammad Ziaul Haq said Toba is the first district in which a number of programmes under auspices of Paigham-e-Pakistan have been arranged so far.

He euologised the dedicated endeavours of the DC for launching different programmes to curb terrorism, extremism and violence from society.

Provincial Coordinator for Punjab for Maimaran-e-Pakistan programme Mian Allah Bakhsh Tariq, MNA Riaz Fatyana, politicians, members of divisional and district Peace Committees, civil society members, parliamentarians, lawyers, business community members, journalists and educationists also attended the conference in great number.