LAHORE - PML-N Central Spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that considering NAB’s partisan witch-hunt against PLM-N, the institution should be renamed as ‘N’-Accountability Bureau.

She lashed out at NAB over its probable investigation from PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif in jail.

Marriyum said the oldest trick in the book for political victimization, known as ‘assets beyond means’, had yet again been used because the NAB-Niazi unholy alliance could not find even a dime of corruption or misappropriation against Shehbaz Sharif.

Reacting to the news regarding a fresh investigation from Shehbaz in jail regarding assets beyond means, she said this was just another one of the accusatory circus being run by the incompetent Khan government. She said due to one massive failure and one disastrous blunder every day by this administration, they constantly needed distractions, for which they abuse their power to victimize the opposition.

“The people of Pakistan have understood that when asked about the failures of the government vis-à-vis inflation, burden of increasing tax, unemployment and power-shortage, such false propaganda and political victimisation is used,” she added.

She said the chain of desperate attempts to frame Shehbaz had been ridiculously bizarre. He was framed in the ‘Saaf Pani’ case, but when NAB-Niazi couldn’t find anything wrong , they abducted him in Ashiana case and now that they had been unsuccessful in proving a single charge, they had resorted to the last and favourite tool of vengeful autocracies – the ‘assets beyond means’ blame.

“I need to tell the nation that contrary to what is being propagated, NAB has already run detailed sessions with Shehbaz over ‘assets beyond means’ during his abduction in NAB custody. The question is, why does the ‘N’- Accountability Bureau want access to Shehbaz again? What remains to be asked that could not be probed during 64 days of constant inquiry and investigation?” said Marriyum.

The former information minister said that despite baseless, partisan and vengeful nature of these false accusations, Nawaz and Shehbaz had faced every single step of the accountability process un-flinched.

Marriyum questioned as to why was the hyper-active NAB mum over the Malam Jabba case on KP chief minister? Why hadn’t the chief minister been arrested while Shehbaz had been held against due legal procedure; why was the bureau silent over ‘proven’ charges of power abuse by Imran in the helicopter case?

She said that Aleema Khan was the anonymous and silent beneficiary of Imran Khan’s ill-gotten money. Illegal assets and mass money laundering had been proven against Aleema Khan yet NAB was completely blind, deaf and dumb over it all as if it didn’t even happen, she pointed out.

Marriyum alleged, “Imran Khan is the real owner of Aleema Khan’s illegal property.”

The loot and scoot attempt at national mineral reserves in Chiniot too went completely unnoticed; why and how did the inquiries disappear on the ‘biggest dacoits of Punjab’, Aleem Khan the undisputed kind of land grabbers, Jahangir Tareen the known money launderer and everyone associated with PTI, she questioned.

She pointed out that the Supreme Court’s verdict of no media trial before official NAB proceedings was being repeatedly violated like a rag doll, yet the court had not charged anyone with contempt for reasons incomprehensible.

“The people of Pakistan are very intelligent and can tell that the NAB-Niazi unholy matrimony is on a political victimization spree worst than any in the history of the country,” she concluded.