ISLAMABAD - Dr Farrukh Saleem, who was supposed to be appointed as the government’s spokesperson on economy in October 2018, revealed that economic adviser Abdul Razak Dawood facilitated a meeting between Prime Minister Imran Khan and Gezhouba company representatives during the premier's recent visit to China.

Mohmand Dam has capacity to generate 800MW of electricity.

The joint venture of Descon owned by Adviser to PM on Commerce, Textile, Industry and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood and Chinese company, China Gezhouba, won the bid for construction of Rs309 billion Mohmand Dam in Pakistan.

Dr Saleem, who was speaking to a private TV channel, said the premier did not meet any other private company representatives on his visit.

Gezhouba was the only private company, which was given access to the prime minister during his visit to China.

“I have seen the pictures,” he added.

"Getting important contracts, while being in government, is a classic case of conflict of interests. The profits are also a form of corruption. It appears that government has good intentions but lacks planning," said Dr Saleem.

The award of contract to Decson has been widely criticised as conflict of interest, however the government has strongly defended it by saying the bid was submitted before the PTI government came to power.

“The government lacks capability to drive the country out of crisis,” Dr Saleem said. He said $1 billion given by Saudi Arabia was spent within 16 days.

"How long will the country be run on loans? There are interests not friendships between the states, we should know that there are no free lunches. National interests drive international politics," he said.

Dr Saleem said Pakistan received loan on 2.8 percent interest rate from the UAE, and on 3 percent from Saudi Arabia. He warned that unlike in previous tenure, the circular debt was rapidly increasing hence rising uncertainty was detrimental to businesses. "We didn't get the desired result by devaluing the rupee. The inflation has increased twofold. The former finance minister in order to stabilise the rupee threw $9b in the market," he added.

“The financial policies of the PTI government are not working,” he was of the view.