ATTOCK - The district police, during the last year, arrested more than 1,000 anti-social elements and recovered arms, ammunition, drugs and cash from their possession.

As per the report released by Attock police, under the leadership of DPO Hasan Asad Alvi, the police during 2018 arrested 623 accused for having illegal arms and recovered 577 pistols, 27 revolvers, 10 twelve bore repeaters, 22 rifles, 25 Kalashnikovs, 36 daggers and 43,865 rounds. In drug-peddling cases, the police arrested 584 persons and recovered 475kg of charas, 3kg of heroin, 9kg of opium, and 4,567 bottles of liquor.

In 98 cases of gambling, the police arrested 756 gamblers and recovered stake money worth Rs13517,790. The police also arrested 213 proclaimed offenders wanted in different cases. Besides, the police tightened the noose against different gangs and arrested 132 suspects belonging to different gangs and recovered Rs7465,500, 198 cell phones, 61 motorbikes, three vehicles, 49 pistols and nine rifles from their possession.

The Attock DPO in his message said that no leniency would be shown to those involved in criminal and anti social activities. Tout mafia from all the police stations had been eliminated while the police’s priority was the security of the people of Attock at every cost.

It is to be noted that Attock district has six tehsils - Attock, Jand, Hazro, Pindigheb, Fatehjang and Hasanabdal - having the population of approximately 2 million. To maintain law and order in the district, the police have 14 police stations and 30 police check posts.