Since the decline in the usage of Plasma TV’s, the decision for buying a Smart LED that truly revolutionizes your visual Experience has become difficult. We look for an LED that is ideal in terms of usability and efficiency, especially if it is outstanding in picture quality. Either you are watching a cricket match, a favorite Sci-fi movie or playing your favorite game on PlayStation, you always desire a screen that gives you the Ultimate Graphics Imagining experience.

Another major element that you need to look up to is Sleekness in design and Slim LED that is fortified a perfect sound. That’s what truly makes its special. That’s what raises the bar. Adding to that, if it is powered by Android marshmallow6.0 adds on the convenience level for the user. Now let’s discuss a viable option that is the New EcoStar 930 series, let’s discuss what it presents. Firstly, this LED is available in both 65 and 55-inch screen size. In comparison to Usual HD TV’s, it delivers a 4 Time Resolution with 800k pixels (3830 x 2160).

What more, the quality remains the same in both 55 and 65-inch screens and the UHD with 4k Video quality gives a smooth picture display. Pretty cool right. Another thing that you need to see in an LED that you desire to buy is that does it give a truly cinematic sound quality while you are sitting in your living room. Well, it has the sound designed by Harman/Kardon audio system so that it can deliver a distortion proof audio experience. All audio quality conscious individuals can simply bank on this LED to give them the desired outcome.

In terms of outlook, the Metallic-Embroidered Emboss technology makes elegant and sleek LED. Remember, Colors make the whole difference, especially when it comes to Smart screen LED’s. Watching Animal Planet and National Geographic’s underwater shot videos with natural true colors exposed make it all worth the price. True Gamers always cherishes the Graphics and Sound Quality and if you find an LED that gives it both, yes that will be the dynamic duo. If you are a gamer, you can try this LED with full confidence.

Another element that you look for is, supportive Google Apps. Well this one, support unlimited Google Play Apps installation. Also enjoy video streaming of YouTube, Netflix & daily motion. With the help of PVR technology record your favorite TV show even on standby mode and enjoy it later in free hours.

Signals distortion can also be a major setback and while you are buying an LED, you hate image distortion especially if a T20 match is stuck in a pressure situation. This LED is equipped with DTV Turner that can make sure that signals never break and image quality also remains perfect for the viewer. It also allows you to connect with smart-phones, Laptops and other personal devices that can help you create interesting videos if you are a professional You Tuber. Built-in airplay and the multi-screen app help you view videos and images conveniently.

All of this so that you can enjoy high-quality images, Low disruptions, fast and smooth transmissions, high compression ratio gives you the perfect, all in one spec that you always wish to acquire in a home appliance. If you are videographer or photographer, simply attach your USB’s, HHD’s, SD Cards or HDMI cables to view your created content. This LED is also equipped with audio return channel so you can manage the connection through smart remote control and smooth switch of audio from LED speaker to external sound-bar.

Multiple ports that help you connect external devices and watch your efforts on a big screen. What’s more? It has inbuilt high-speed data traveling cable supportive ports that help you view videos smoothly with no interruption from connected devices. You can likewise manage the connection through smart remote control. Yes, the market is full of devices that provide these specifications but most certainly not at this price. It is not only perfect sound, perfect picture & perfect TV but also a perfect blend of entertainment, art and technology. Always remember, an informed decision is the smart decision.


Lahore, January 4