LONDON : According to a YouGov survey of 25,000 citizens, 53 percent of Britons would like to see a second Brexit referendum, while 47 percent think the country has already had its final say on the matter.

“If the deal is not voted on at this vote that’s coming up, then actually we’re going to be in uncharted territory. I don’t think anybody can say exactly what will happen in terms of the reaction we’ll see in parliament”, British Prime Minister Theresa May told the BBC. She reiterated that a second Brexit referendum should not be held, stressing that the country would not be able to hold another referendum before 29 March.

May also noted that the government was working on receiving further assurances from the EU, adding that Parliament would vote on the deal with Brussels on 14 or 15 of January. The PM needs 318 votes to get a deal through the Parliament, yet 117 of 317 Conservative MPs voted against her in a confidence vote on 12 December. Additionally, May will have to enlist the support of some lawmakers from the Labour Party and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).