Weather conditions still pose a challenge for the country year after year. Despite the presence of Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), the coordination between them and the government seems few and far between. Be it rain, snow or strong winds - they manage to bring cities to a halt. At this point, several tourists are trapped in Murree for hours because the government has not devised a way to tackle these weather conditions. This is not the first time the city has witnessed such a problem. Each year during the winters, several tourists face the same problem but no concrete action has been taken other than the reliance on the weather to get better itself.

The same strategy was followed to deal with the smog this year and it is the same strategy which is followed every year. There is no awareness regarding the impact of the toxic air quality in Lahore has and the discussion is largely absent from mainstream media. There is a growing number of cars in Lahore and adjoining areas and the amount of investment in real estate and infrastructure contracting without any realisation for its impact on the environment. Lahore is expanding exponentially and tree plantation drives are largely absent. In the coming year, it is imperative that the government mobilises the relevant ministries to tackle the situation.

Rain showers in monsoon season this year also managed to bring the city of Lahore to a halt. It not only affected the mobility of the people of the city but the situation also pointed out the lack of development vision which encompasses weather conditions as well. A huge part of urbanisation is also catering to the weather conditions and planning to deal with them. Otherwise, the same happens which we witnessed this year - disruption in the electrical lines, roads breaking out and the loss of lives.

It is a failure of the governance of successive governments that weather conditions - not even extreme - manage to choke the entire set up of cities. There is a need to invest in updating the systems and understanding how to tackle the situation in a better manner. Those tourists trapped in Murree should not have to endure this year after year. The new government should also take charge of this situation because more than anything else, it also impacts the economic activity in the country.