The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Crown Prince Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan’s one-day visit to Pakistan was significant for the fact that the crown prince of Abu Dhabi arrived in Islamabad after 12 years. The two visits of PM Khan to UAE proved significant in bringing a thaw in Pakistan’s relations with UAE. UAE also reciprocated the visits of Pakistani PM, first by announcing a package that will help Pakistan to deal with the balance of payment crisis and then the crown prince himself met the Pakistani leadership in Pakistan. Hopefully, the recent engagements between the leadership of the two states will remove all the apprehensions and misconceptions about each other.

The guests from UAE not only met the PM but other officials of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) as well. Hopefully, the meetings between the officials of the two sides will open more vistas of cooperation between the two states. UAE has already shown its interest in investing in Pakistan. Because China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a game changer for the region, the UAW also wants to cash in the opportunity by investing in Gwadar Oil City. Instead of seeing the development of Gwadar as a hub of international trade to the detriment of UAE’s economy, the UAE has taken a wise move. Its decision to invest in Gwadar will not only enhance its bilateral relations with Pakistan, but the investments in Pakistan will also create their interest in a stable Pakistan.

In short, the PTI government deserves all appreciation for faring well on the foreign policy front so far. Instead of accepting the strict conditions that International Monetary Fund (IMF) was asking Pakistan to implement if it were to secure a loan, the PTI leadership successfully played its card of going to friendly nations to seek financial assistance. Hopefully, the PTI regime will show the same dexterity in dealing with other issues of Pakistan’s foreign policy.