Private schools are more popular than the govt schools and most of the parents send their children to the private school to gain quality education, but due to their high fees the poor people are not eligible to gain quality education in private schools. Rectally, the principal of Bolan Grammer High school Turbat announced that 500 annual fee must be pay in this month. The students can’t afford to pay the monthly fees which is reached on the sky how they come to pay the annual fees with monthly fees.

The principal is taking high fees to the students, but still school is lack of basic needs namely, not enough chairs, not clean drinking water, electricity problem and several more. As a private school is in this condition then why we blame the govt schools or why we blame the government why he is not providing basic facilities. However, it is injusticed that the principal is doing with the students due to the annual fees and not providing the basic facilities to them. It is requested to the government to look this matter.