LAHORE-Animal rights activist Sarah Gandapur held a press conference against animal cruelty at Press Club on Monday.

The panellists at the conference were Advocate High Court Muhammad Hamza Butt, Sarah Gandapur and fellow animal rights activist AiyzaNadeem.

The aim of the conference was to compel the government and society to adopt humane practices and stop animal cruelty.

Speaking on the occasion, Sarah Gandapur said: “In Pakistan, street animals are killed by shooting and given a horrible death by poisoning. Neither are they given any food or shelter instead treated badly and often shown no mercy even by the citizens while children can often be seen stoning them or hurting them. Is this how the Riyasat e Madinah would look like in 21st century? We need new laws in Pakistan, especially Punjab as old law is way too old 1890 and completely insufficient for today’s needs.”

She added: “Pakistan is also members of OIE, International Animal Health organisation and we have made commitments to give all animals five basic rights. Letting animals have a right to live without fear is an important factor in those rights. We have to work towards their welfare.”

She explained: “We have to Stop Dog culling which is inhumane and switch to TNVR which is practiced in civilized Muslim countries like Turkey. For that, we have to launch awareness campaign in general public to address their fears about strays. We have to make shelters for Street animals like we made ‘Panahgahs’ for homeless people. Animal lovers will help and support government to run it. That is our basic demands from the PTI govt. We know maybe Imran Khan cannot solve the Kashmir issue overnight but it is in his power to stop cruelty against innocent voiceless creatures of Allah. Please raise your voice for this cause so that it can reach the ears of relevant people in the government.”