ISLAMABAD-A Senate committee was Monday informed that oil refineries are at the verge of closure and there will be no local JP8 fuel available for fighter jets if no corrective measures are taken by the government.

The Senate standing committee on Petroleum that met with Senator Mohsin Aziz in the chair was informed by Chief Executive Officer Attock Refinery Limited, Adil Khattak that due to ban on use of furnace oil in power generation the capacity of the refineries have been decreased.

He said that the government has closed furnace oil based power plants which has resulted in loss of Rs 23 billion by five refineries during last year. The refineries are producing around 2000 tons of furnace oil daily but due to ban on its use in the power generation the product is being dumped in the storages. The refineries are running out of space and its refining capacity has decreased.

Senator Nauman Wazir questioned that if the refineries were shut down then who will provide jet fuel to the air force? CEO Attock Refinery said all the fuel requirements of the air force are being met through local refinery and in case they were shut down, then the jet fuel will be imported.

Chief Executive Officer Attock Oil Refinery, Adil Khattak while briefing the committee has warned that the refineries are at the verge of closure. The committee shown concern over the closure of local refineries and asked the government to resolve the issue.

“A month ago we have given recommendations to the government for the resolution of the issue and to make new policy for refineries and the government has agreed on the formation of working group on December 9, 2019 but since then no progress has been made,” he maintained. Secretary petroleum said that the issue will be resolved within two days.

On the issue of gas supply to Sui, Senator Sarfaraz Bugti has threatened that the he will resign from the parliament if the Sui problems regarding gas supply has not been resolved. “I will resign from the Senate and if I have to take up the arms I will target you first,” said senator Sarfaraz Bugti while pointing towards PPL officials. Women are still burning wood in Sui and the areas where the is gas available they carry loadshedding in those areas, he said.

Officials of the PPL said that due to safety reason gas supply is being stopped from 10 PM to 5 AM in those areas. ”We are being told that gas is being stopped during night because of safety reason,” he said and added that why you don’t stop gas from FC and Military college due to safety reasons? The committee was also informed that substandard gas pipeline is being used in Sui. The committee has directed to ensure supply of gas to the entire Sui and end the load shedding within two days.

The committee also discussed the installation of LPG air mix plants in Balochistan. Senator Mohsin Aziz said that SSGC has made a lot of delay in the installation of plants. Federal Energy Minister Omer Ayub said that the installation of plants is being funded by the Federal government but who will pay the subsidy on these plants has yet to be decided. Senators from Balochistan boycotted from the meeting over the remarks of the Federal Energy minister regarding high LPG air mix plants.