LAHORE - Declaring the present and former rulers two sides of the same coin, Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq has said their only objective is to protect the interests of each other. “Ruling class has nothing to do with the problem of a common man,” said the JI Emir while addressing the party workers in Lasbela on Monday. Holding the ruling elites responsible for the deprivations of Balochistan, he said the country could only be put on the track of development if people stood against them and oust them from power corridors with the power of vote. He said a real change could come only through vote and through the free and fair elections. He said those who came to the power through rigging could never be able to form pro-public policies. He regretted the present government like the previous regimes also failed to fulfill the promises it made to the people of Balochistan. He said the government made a zero progress in ending culture of corruption and bad governance in the province. He said the provincial government only spent Rs35 billion from the total Rs75 billion development budget of the province. Later talking to the media on Middle East situation, he said the US wanted to impose war on Islamic world without realizing the severity of the situation. He said American war against an Islamic country would not remain confined to a specific area or region but it would engulf the entire world. The West, he said, was hatching the conspiracy of war to sell their weapons and capture resources of the Muslim countries. Siraj paid tribute the religious and nationalistic service of JI former chief Qazi Hussain Ahmad on the occasion of the late leader’s death anniversary. He said Qazi Hussain services for the freedom of Kashmir and during the war against Soviet occupation of Pakistan will always be remembered.