KARACHI          -       Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Monday said that bravery or cowardliness of an individual cannot be gauged from his physical strength and weakness, but from his character traits.

The PSP supremo expressed these views while addressing a gathering of Rajput and Seraiki communities at Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town UC-25, as he was especially invited by the leaders of the Rajput and Seraiki community.

“Our character is our power, and we are still stood affirmed with every single word that we uttered on the very first day, despite heavy pressure we faced,” Kamal said.

We did not take any U-turn at all, which caused political disadvantage to us for the time being. “But, we believe in the eternal life, we have to remember our grave, and the doomsday, where everyone will be held accountable for his deeds,” Kamal added.

“I still invite all the people to see our role. We were resorted to baton charges and shelling, we gave sacrifices for the restoration of peace and for the rights of the deprived people, but in return, we threw not even a single stone towards anyone during the last four years.

“Our message is now spreading at the grassroots level. Our opponents and staunch critics are convinced by our ideology. They are shying away from us today,” the PSP leader added.

Kamal added that all major political parties in Pakistan had failed to resolve the very basic public problems. The race to achieve personal interests under the garb of democracy is underway with full swing, he added.

These parties more often pretend to be democratic and beat drums of democracy in the country, but whenever they see any personal interest, they forget all democratic norms and take U-tern with hastily adopting an undemocratic way by deceiving masses.

Therefore, the ultimate solution of public problems is none other than PSP because it’s leadership is doing politics based on ability, experience and information to resolve public issues, rather exploiting the sentiments of poor people on the basis of colour, race, ethnicity, and families.

Later, he invited the Seraiki and Rajput community in Larkana to participate in the public meeting to be held in Larkana on January 24, stating that the formation of Pakistan came into force after the resolution was approved by the Sindh Assembly. Now we will change the destiny of Pakistan through Sindh. Let the non-Sindhi people be with us and tell them that they stand with those who speak the truth. They will not push their children’s future into the darkness by blindly following the false slogans on the basis of ethnicity and family.

Party Vice Chairman Ashfaq Mangi, Member National Council Syed Hafizuddin and District East Incharge Farhan Ansari were also present on the occasion.