KARACHI                -           In a heartless act, some unidentified persons poured super glue (Elfy), a highly adhesive substance, into both the eyes of a minor boy in Karachi‘s Korangi neighbourhood and fled. The incident took place in Korangi No.4, according to local police.

The boy was taken to Sindh Government Korangi Hospital, where he was administered eye drops to offset the effect of the super sticking liquid, following which he was able to open his eyes. Had he not been given medication on time, he would have risked losing his eyesight, said the police officials who reached the hospital upon being informed of the incident.

They said some unidentified persons poured Elfy into the boys’ eyes and fled, leaving him to fend for himself. The boy could neither tell the police his name nor provide any information about his parents, they said.

Thus, the custody of the boy was initially handed over to Sarim Burney Trust.