IT is the same old tale of woe, more or less. A heavy downpour, now an annual feature, life seriously disrupted in Rawalpindi called twin city of the federal capital Islamabad, Leh Nullah swelling to the brim threatening to inundate the surrounding localities and re-enacting its vengeance to take the life of some of the residents, rescue operations, evacuation from the low-lying areas to safer places, damage to property, traffic jams and accidents, and the resurfacing of the government plan to tame the menacing nullah. But let the rainy season pass off, the affected population would resume its daily routine and all thoughts of containing the Leh waters within its banks would vanish from the minds of the authorities. Now that the country has a political government, it is to be hoped that it would spare a moment's thought and do something to relieve the poor residents of the area of their misery.