ISLAMABAD - The comments of Pakistan People's Party Co-Chairman Senator Asif Ali Zardari about Kargil have been taken out of context and the PPP leader has made no adverse remarks against any of the leaders of the democratic coalition, clarifies a statement released by Press Office Zardari House, Islamabad on Sunday. "Such distortions of comments are aimed at sabotaging the democratic process in the country and to sow misunderstandings between coalition partners and the people know the motives behind such distortions," the statement said. A Zardari House spokesman said that most people know who was responsible for the Kargil episode and not much in this regard is left as a subject of speculation. In these circumstances a statement coming from the PPP Co-Chairman against the party's ally is outside the realm of possibility. "Senator Asif Zardari has described Mian Nawaz Sharif as his elder brother and has the highest regard for him. The PPP Co-Chairman has been pursuing an agenda of national reconciliation and would not use negative comments against anyone while struggling to unite the nation," the Press release concluded.