EARLIER this week there were rumors going around that Britney Spears was once again in contact with her paparazzi ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib. Now new reports have surfaced that say Britney is not romantically involved with Ghalib. She is just friendly with him because she is scared he is going to expose the sex tape the two made together while they were in Mexico. "Britney's really scared that Adnan has a sex tape," says a source. "She wants to get it out of his hands." Ghalib has been apparently visiting Britney at her house in the Summit but her dad Jamie doesn't like it. Adnan seems like the type of guy who would leak the sex tape one day or another so Britney should just stop trying to get it back. On the other hand we really don't know if there actually is a sex tape. Do you guys think there is?