PESHAWAR - Upon the request of 35-member jirga of Afridi tribesmen, the Political Administration of Khyber Agency Sunday announced to open Bara Bazaar and give relaxation in curfew in the troubled Khyber Agency, while the next round of talks will be held on coming Wednesday. The reconciliatory jirga led by Haji Amal Gul held talks with Political Agent (PA) Khyber Agency Tairq Hayat Khan at his office Khyber House here. During the meeting, the tribesmen requested the PA to allow them to open Bara Bazaar that had been closed since the launch of the operation in Khyber Agency on June 28 last. On this occasion, the PA ordered opening of the markets to facilitate residents. In addition, he also announced relaxation in the curfew in the area. Talking to the journalists, the PA informed that the government side formed a three-member committee comprising Assistant Political Agent Bara Khalid Mumtaz Kundi, Tehsildar Jamrud Bakhtiar and Tehsildar Bara Nek Muhammad to continue negotiations with the jirga. The Bara Bazaar would remain open to facilitate people, while the demand of the jirga regarding relaxation in curfew was also accepted, he said. However, he added, security forces would stay in the area unless objectives of the operation were achieved. "I am not in a position to disclose what conditions have been put forward by the government to the jirga as I think it may affect the negotiations process," he responded when asked about government conditions to the jirga members. However, Hayat said that the government and tribal jirga would keep in contact and discuss various options on how to bring lasting peace and security to the region. He said that the tribesmen had assured to accept government's conditions if those were not contrary to Sharia, their tribal norms and traditions. Talking to TheNation a member of the tribal jirga Haji Shaukat claimed that the jirga had held fruitful talks with the political administration so far. He said that the jirga members would then go to Tirah, a far-off locality in Khyber Agency where they would hold talks with the Chief of Lashkar-i-Islam Mangal Bagh, who would be apprised about government's conditions. The issue of the release of the 90 men of Lashkar-i-Islam who were arrested by security forces during the operation was also discussed at the meeting with the political administration, he said. Sources privy to the meeting informed that main demands of the jirga were ending of curfew as well as the ongoing operation, release of 90 detainees and compensation to those who suffered during the operation. While on the other side, the sources claimed that the government demanded a complete ban on displaying all kinds of arms in Bara, besides handing over of the most wanted 16 activities of Lashkar-i-Islam to the government. He said the government also sought guarantee from Lashkar-i-Islam to remain peaceful in future and closure of some centers operating in Khyber Agency. The sources said that both the sides were agreed to continue series of talks in future.