KARACHI - The consumers must be ready to face major electricity shocks in 2008-09. By June 2009, the minimum tariff of electricity is being seen at 16-18 rupees per unit that means over 200 per cent increase in the tariff within a year as the government is in a mood to phase out subsidy on electricity. TheNation learnt that by June 2009 the Federal Government would have to increase the electricity tariff by eliminating subsidy gradually. In other words the electricity tariff for domestic, commercial and industrial consumers can increase to beyond 16-18 rupees per unit against the current tariff of 4-6 rupees per unit. At present furnace oil price has increased to 45,000 rupees per ton. About 200 grams furnace oil is required to produce one unit of electricity. The price of 200 grams furnace oil is being calculated at Rs 9 that does not include the overall cost of production of electricity from the furnace oil. According to senior government officials, the cost of production of one unit of electricity from the furnace oil is around 15-16 rupees at the current price of this fuel oil, but the government was subsidising the electricity tariff.