KARACHI - The 33rd meeting of the Board of Governors of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology presented a development-oriented surplus budget under the chairmanship of Vice Chancellor Eng. Muhammad Zakir Ali Khan on Saturday. The total income is estimated at Rs519.4 million while the expenditure are estimated at Rs517.7 million leaving a surplus of Rs1.7 million during next financial year. The revised budget for the outgoing financial year also shows a surplus of Rs24.8 million. The revised income is estimated at Rs470.3 million while the expenditure is estimated at Rs445.5 million. The amount of Rs23.5million has been provided for the under construction new four-storied building for Civil Engineering Faculty. This building will be completed during current financial year at a total project cost of Rs40 million. A sum of Rs6million has been provided as the initial cost for the development of an ultra modern I.T. Park at newly acquired 200 acres of land, while Rs11.500 million have been provided for equipping the laboratories and hiring specialist staff for the newly established Telecommunication Faculty. The amount Rs33.4million is tagged for purchasing additional state of the art lab equipment, Rs3 million for Library, Rs5 million for hiring of foreign specialist teaching staff, Rs1.5mn for research program, Rs40 million for scholarships, Rs270million for granting financial help to the needy students and employees, and Rs30.976million for the increment of the salaries up to 25%. Dr. N.A Baloch, Mr. Justice Muneeb Ahmad Khan, Judge Sindh High Court, Prof. Dr. M.D. Shami (Higher Education Commission), Justice (Rt.) Fazl-e-Ghani Khan, Mr. Shamim Ahmad Shamsi (President Chamber of Commerce & Industries) Additional Secretary Education Taj Selar, Brig. (Rt.) Qamar-us-Salam and Eng. Muhammad Adil Usman attended the meeting.