In an interview with Channel Five, Musharraf has said that he has three options: to remain in seat and watch the situation, to quit the office without completing his agenda or initiate the agenda of his reforms. Musharraf was clear about the fact that it was not in his nature and training to be a mere spectator and leave things unfinished. The President said he had not decided about initiating his agenda of reforms. Musharraf has always lived true to his word whether it be about doffing of uniform or holding fair and free elections. It was he who initiated the policy of reconciliation for the interest and betterment of the nation something which other political parties are claiming credit for. Again facts should be clarified that it was the Sharif brothers who signed an agreement to leave the county a fact that has been acknowledged by the Supreme Court and the deposed Chief Justice. Benazir left the country of her own accord during Sharif's premiership. Sadly everyone seems to forget these facts. The present government should adopt a prudent policy and that can only be achieved by working closely with the president for the betterment of the nation.-SADIA BUTT, Peshawar, via e-mail, June 23.