I am a government pensioner benefiting from the facility of deposits in the National Savings Scheme and like the rest of the common citizens desperately trying to make both ends meet at a time of runaway inflation. Unfortunately, the government's 'generous' response announcing a two percent increase in the rate of return under the NSS does not cover me nor the poor beneficiaries of NSS's benevolent fund. Someone sitting in the Finance Department decided in his wisdom that the new rates would only be applicable to those making deposits after June 24, 2008. He seems to believe that people like me are not affected by the rise of prices. But if I were to insist on getting the benefit, I would have to withdraw the deposits, pay the penalty of doing so before the mandatory fixed period and then redeposit the amount. There can be no end to stupid ideas humans can think of I hope the Prime Minister/Finance Minister would take notice of this anomaly and put an end to it."MAZHAR, Lahore, via e-mail, July 5.